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Driven by a dream and a commitment to mastery, our founder Karam Imseeh managed to carve his own territory in the gold and fine jewelry market and establish himself as the market leader and the owner of the largest gold factory in the kingdom.

Starting in 1955 as an ambitious employee dedicated to mastering the craft during after-hours, the young innovator’s business flourished from crafting beautiful gold pieces in his humble home and selling them to small shops around town, to opening his first jewelry showroom in Downtown Amman and later a flagship store at the heart of the gold market – dazzling the city with his magical window displays and unique customer-centric approach.

Karam Imseeh passed down his passion for the craft and knowledge of Arab women’s taste in jewelry to his five children, Osama, Ramzi, Samer, Fadi, Ihab and Lina, who consolidated their father’s legacy by expanding into the wholesale business, inaugurating the Imseeh Diamond factory and opening new flagship stores in premium locations around Amman, with a set vision to expand regionally in the near future.

Through years of experience in dressing generations of women for every occasion and proving superior customer service and after purchase jewelry care services, Imseeh Jewelry established its name as a brand that women trust to add a refined, glamourous touch to their look and elevate their style.


We strive to provide our clients with jewelry of the highest quality, the finest and most exquisite designs and the best customer experience and pre-and post-purchase services.


A woman wearing a piece from Imseeh is wearing a symbol of trust for life.

Since 1957, Imseeh dressed Arab women and enchanted their daily life. Simple or sophisticated, according to mood and occasions, Imseeh offered irresistible collections. Unique and contemporary, infused with a subtle classical touch, its style is recognized by discerning women. Delicately crafted, those precious little treasures are created by inspired artisans. Designed to last beyond fashion, they are of timeless beauty.


Journey through the milestones that established Imseeh Jewelry as Jordan’s premier destination for luxurious fine jewelry and diamonds. 


The young jeweler started crafting gold pieces in his house and selling them to small shops around town and hired his first two employees.