• 1955

    MVC-007Skaram Imseeh started developing his knowledge in the Field of jewelry handcrafting and engraving techniques of Goldsmithing by observing his employer during day time and Practicing what he has learned at home.

  • 1957

    MVC-007Safter sufficient mentorship, the young jeweler started Crafting gold pieces in his own house employing two workers. he created beautiful pieces and sold them to small shops around town.

  • 1960

    MVC-004SBusiness flourished and the manufacturing and production of gold Increased. Karam Imseeh employed 12 craftsman and began his journey as an Ambitious and professional jeweler.

  • 1962

    MVC-005Skaram Imseeh partnered with nour manessa and Opened his first shop in downtown Amman specialized in The manufacture retail and whole sale of jewelry. His familiarity with regional markets’ tastes and trends Made karam Imseeh the first whole seller exporting To Palestine and Egypt, in addition to dealing with diamond Jewelry.

  • 1976

    MVC-006Skaram Imseeh independently worked hard to develop His business. Imseeh’s name has emerged to become a Pioneering jewelry brand in Jordan that stands for creativity And sophistication.

  • 1982

    MVC-007SBusiness kept flourishing and the small shop once run by the accomplished father became the Imseeh group of stores with the opening of three more stores in the heart of the Gold Souk in Amman in 1985.

  • 1986

    MVC-008SImseeh merged the three stores in the gold souk

  • 1990

    MVC-009SImseeh established the biggest gold factory In the kingdom.

  • 1997

    MVC-009SThe official opening of the flagship showroom in um uthaina

  • 2005

    MVC-010SThe “karam Imseeh award for jewelry design” was launched. This unique initiative aims at supporting local talents And motivating their abilities to be creative and innovative. In addition to building their artistic capacities and giving them the chance to tell their stories and present Jordan Through the art of jewelry design. Representatives from the world gold council and HRD attended the award ceremony

  • 2007

    MVC-011SImseeh hosted the world diamond council for the second time in Jordan By holding a one of a kind celebration in Amman. This spectacular event Gave Imseeh’s valued customers the chance to meet experts in this Field.

  • 2007

    MVC-011SThe commencement of the Renovation process for the um Uthaina showroom,Which became the largest in Jordan.

  • 2007

    MVC-011SOpening of our city mall branch

  • 2008

    MVC-010SMr. Osama Imseeh was elected for the first time As president of the Jordanian jewelers association.

  • 2008

    Imseeh jewelry revealed its latest Collection on fashion TV And sponsored a huge jewelry show in Aqaba as Part of their marketing campaign that year.

  • 2009

    MVC-011SImseeh launched the “sham’a” collection; fascinating jewelry designs That were sold to contribute to fighting violence Against women. “sham’a” aimed to collect and Provide information and resources on violence Against women in the kingdom.

  • 2011

    MVC-010SOpening of our Taj mall branch

  • 2012

    MVC-010SMr. Osama Imseeh was reelected for the second time as president of the Jordanian jewelers association.

  • 2014

    MVC-010SOpening of our mecca mall branch.

  • 2016

    MVC-010SOur new gold factory started to operate.

  • 2016

    MVC-010SMr. Osama Imseeh was reelected for the third time as president of the Jordanian jewelers association.